Posted by: Nate Fain | February 17, 2009

Best week ever?

This last week could go down as one of the best for UK fans. Barring an injury to Patrick Patterson, everything went right for Big Blue Nation.

1. UK beat Florida on national television. Unfortunately, Patterson

Meeks hitting the game-winner over Calathes in Rupp Arena.

Meeks hitting the game-winner over Calathes in Rupp Arena.

suffered an ankle sprain, which caused him to miss the next game. By the way, do you think the Bluegrass state feels any sympathy for Billy D or Nick Calathes?

2. Duke gets embarrassed in the second half on national TV. The Blue Devils were outscored 57-35 in the final 20 minutes, which propelled UNC to a 14 point win at Cameron Indoor.

All five of the Tar Heels’ starters were in double figures. This team is far too talented to not make a deep run in March, or even bring home a banner. Roy Williams should be ashamed for choking again if the Heels don’t cut down some sort of nets this season.

3. Duke loses…again! This time, to the mighty eagles of Boston College. Coach K’s “team” blew another halftime lead, which helped the Eagles clinch an 80-74 win.

In case you were wondering: Duke is now 2-4 after being ranked #1 a couple of weeks ago. Seems like I remember claiming that the Blue Devils were overrated when they were climbing the ranks.

Also, I am in need of an explanation of how Duke is still ranked in the top 10 after suffering four losses in two and a half weeks. They were ranked fifth last week, and after dropping two in a row they are still #9?! How many votes do Coach K and Dick Vitale get?!

4. Louisville loses…BIG!!! Rick Pitino suffered his worst defeat ever as the Cardinals head coach. The ‘Ville managed 19 points in the first half, and rallied to only lose by 33 to a Notre Dame team that had lost seven games in a row!

Don’t worry Card fans, you’ll get your high seed in the NCAA tournament. Louisville has the rest of regular season off besides their game against an underrated Marquette team.

5. Jodie Meeks breaks another scoring record. Meeks dropped 45 on the Arkansas Razorbacks at Bud Walton Arena, in route to a 79-63 win. Meeks’ 45 was a new scoring record for the arena, which is the third time he has done that this year.

UK played this game without Patrick Patterson, but got great help from Ramon Harris and Michael Porter. The Cats play Vandy at Memorial Gymnasium in Nashville, Tenn. The scoring record for a Wildcat at Vandy is 42, held by Louie Dampier.


Dealing with economy or sitting next two seats from Eva Longoria? Sounds like an easy decision to me.

Dealing with economy or sitting two seats from Eva Longoria? Sounds like an easy decision to me.

OK, so this wasn’t the most competitive All-Star game, and one of the more boring All-Star weekends in recent memory. Unless, of course you were John McCain and you had the best seat in the house!


News from All-Star weekend in Phoenix, Ariz. include:

— Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal shared MVP honors. Cute, isn’t it?

— Lebron James unofficially entered his name into the 2010 dunk competition.

Dear Lebron,

Please stay true to your word and participate in the dunk contest. Also, bring Dwight Howard, Nate Robinson and Vince Carter, or another high-flyer of your choice. The dunk contest has lost its luster, and needs stars like you to compete again. Thanks again!


The Fans

— 5’9″ Nate Robinson wins his second dunk contest. Robinson sealed the win by dunking over runner-up Dwight Howard. Will he become the first ever to win three contests?

— The H-O-R-S-E contest was a bust. I don’t even want to talk about it. Was this even truly planned? Or did someone from the NBA grab a few players and told them to go play H-O-R-S-E outside? Terrible…

—Terry Porter is out. The Phoenix Suns reportedly fired the former NBA star despite a 28-23 start. This wasn’t a bad mood but this team isn’t as talented as it used to be. No Shawn Marion, an old Shaq and an old Steve Nash.


Naturally, I’m tired of hearing about A-Rod admitting he used steroids. Baseball has been tainted for the last 15 years, and it will be interesting how this effects A-Rod’s potential Hall of Fame voting. At least he had

Rafael Palmeiro or Bill Clinton?

More humiliating denial: Rafael Palmeiro or Bill Clinton?

enough class and courage to admit to his mistakes.

Roger Clemons, Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmeiro etc. if Bud Selig had a brain, you guys would be dead to the game of baseball. Not only did you use performance-enhancing drugs, but you lied. I hope you enjoy the big “*” next to all of your numbers.


UConn loses at home to Pittsburgh. Hasheem Thabeet got embarrassed as the Panthers beat the Huskies, 76-68. Thabeet managed five points and four rebounds in 22 minutes of play before fouling out. Amazing what happens when you play a legitament force in the post.

In case you were wondering: Pitt forward DeJaun Blair scored 22 and grabbed 23 rebounds. Nice defense Thabeet.


Dan Issel is probably the greatest player while at the University of Kentucky. During the 1969-70 season, he amassed 948 points in just 28 games. Jodie Meeks has had an amazing year and has only managed 645 points through 25 games.

This means to tie Dan Issel’s single-season scoring record in the same amount of games Issel needed to complete this feat, Meeks has to average 101 points per game for the next three games. The fact that Dan Issel never won a championship at Kentucky amazes many still to this day.



  1. I don’t have a clue who I would vote #1 this week in college basketball. You can make excellent arguements for UNC, Pitt, and Texas. At the same time, there’s about 10 more teams that could beat any of them on a given night. Maybe it’s me, but the officiating this year is terrible. Not just one conference, but nationwide. I’m always going to complain about touch fouls out front while bodies hit the floor underneath the basket with no call, but this has to be a record year for “calls away from the ball”. Maybe the refs should try to watch the ball more, there sure is a lot of walking going on! Also, maybe they should carry a blackberry with them so they can see the replays quicker. In last nights Pitt-UConn game, a shot at the end of the 35 sec. clock missed the rim by a good 4 inches and it took a huddle and a review for the 3 guys to get it right. Watch the ball, guys! Hank Aaron is a clsss act, period. To say that Barry Bonds is the home run leader shows the kind of person he has always been, both as a player and as a human being. I don’t know if I would be able to take the high road if that steriod injecting, if his mouth is moving he must be lieing, reinstating the * into the record book, Barr Bonds had CHEATED me of one of the greatest records in all of sports! You have my thanks, Hank. Pete Rose blasts A-Rod? Only in America!

  2. All I can say is March can’t come soon enough! I may be forced to watch the Combine next week in order to get my fix.

    PS: Check out the book Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer. A few years old, but maybe the greatest sports book ever written.

  3. Could not stop laughing when I heard Rose blasting A-Rod. What a joke.

    I know for a fact that A-Rod and Rose were/are friends. Takes “guilty by association” to a whole new level!

    I also agree, the touch fouls being called away from the ball need to stop. These guys spend hours in the weight room to take the blow from other big bodies, let them play. The fact that they refs take so long to watch a replay in basketball blows my mind. Most fans watching the game can make a correct call within five seconds of seeing a replay. Time for a new generation of technologically literate officials, I guess.

  4. […] I’ve been saying Thabeet was soft and overrated since he came to UConn. […]

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