Posted by: rubezing | February 12, 2010

Giddy Up and…Whoa…and The Super Bowl

Giddy-Up.  The New Orleans Saints win Super Bowl XLIV 31-17 over the Indianapolis Colts.  Congratulations to the Saints’ owners, front office, coaches and players on a championship year.

Even if you are a fan of a different NFL team, you have to feel good for the Saints “Who Dat” fans.  They are as loyal as any fan base in the country.  To endure 43 years of frustration and win the Super Bowl in year 44 should be respected by all football fans.  Congratulations.  Mardi Gras is going to be LARGE this year.

Whoa.  Congratulations to the Indianapolis Colts.  If memory serves, most of the football “experts” picked the Tennessee Titans to win the Colt’s divison this year.  Very few had the Colts in the Super Bowl. 

The Colts flirted with a perfect season and made it to the Super Bowl.  Not too shabby.  It will always hurt when your favorite team makes it this far and loses the last game.  The Colts had an outstanding year.

Drew Brees after his shoulder injury in the 2005 season. The Saints were one of only a few teams that believed Brees could recover.


Drew Brees.  32/39 passing, 288 passing yards, and 2 Touchdown passes.  After the first quarter, Brees went 29/32 with one dropped pass and one spike to kill the clock.  MVP?  How could anyone else win? 

Dink…Dink….Dink…Touchdown!  Brees played within himself and his offense.  He lead his team to a Super Bowl win.  He etched his name on the list of great quarterbacks who have played in the NFL Championship.  A most deserving MVP.

Whoa.  Peyton Manning.  On any other day, a 31/45 passing, 333 passing yards, and 1 TD performance would have been enough for the Colts to win.  The Tracy Porter interception?  If you look at the replay, there was nothing between Reggie Wayne and the endzone if Porter missed the INT.  HUGE PLAY!

I still believe that Peyton Manning is an Alien.  But even the aliens had a bad day when Will Smith showed up in the movie Independence Day.  At Super Bowl XLIV,  Tracy Porter was Peyton Manning’s Will Smith (the actor…not the Saints football player…confused yet?).

Giddy-Up.  Pierre Thomas.  9 carries for 30 yards.  6 receiptions for  55 yards and 1 touchdown.  These are great stats.  The stat I wish I had are the yards after contact on all of Thomas’ runs and receiptions.  It seemed that he either ran through or over tacklers the entire game. 

His hard play had to be motivating to the Saints offense.  His actions on the field set an example for his team and shouted, “We are not to be denied”.

Whoa.  Dwight Freeney.  If respect could be measured on a scale of 1 to 10, Freeney would top out at a 10+.  You cannot have any idea of the effort that he put into playing with that ankle injury unless you’ve had one yourself.  Not only play, but to be effective in the first half was remarkable.

If you disagree with this next statement, I will argue with you.  Dwight Freeney’s sack of Drew Brees in the Super Bowl wins the award for “Best One-Handed Sack Of All Time”.

Giddy-Up.  Unsung Heroes for the Saints.  The entire Special Teams.  Enough has been said about the onside kick to start the second half.  Couragous.  Game Changer.  All true.  Let’s look further into the stats.

Courtney Roby had 4 kick-off returns for 102 yards.  This allowed the Saints good field postion to start every drive.

Thomas Morstead had 2 punts for 88 yards, one downed inside the 20.

Garrett Hartley set a Super Bowl record when he made all 3 of his field goals from outside 40 yards.  Nine very big points.

Whoa.  Colt unsung hero.  Joseph Addai.  Addai had 13 carries for 77 yards and 1 touchdown, plus 7 receiptions for 58 yards in the Super Bowl.  Addai got banged up in the Jets game and wasn’t effective.  I can’t remember anyone talking about Addai in all the pre-game chatter and, I have to admit, I didn’t think he would play this well.

Joseph Addai was another Colt player who played well enough for the Colts to win before Will Smith (Tracy Porter) showed up.

Giddy-Up.  The Super Bowl Half-time Show.  I’m showing my age, but I like The Who.  I thought they did a great job of dusting off some 40 year old songs and reproducing them live.  You have to know some of their history to fully appreciate them. 

Peter Townsend is almost deaf, due to standing in front of those amps all these years.  Roger Daultry still plays a mean harmonica.  Only Townsend and Daultry are still alive from the orginial band.  That was Zak Starkey, Ringo Starr’s son, playing the drums.

Whoa.  The NFL needs to get over the “Wardrobe Malfunction” of several years ago and book younger artists for half-time.  By younger, I don’t mean years, I mean decades.  I’m positive we can get artists of today to take the “I’LL KEEP MY CLOTHES ON” pledge and to keep the lyrics clean enough for prime time.

The production has gotten too big for the time allowed.  Keep the stage small, we don’t need 5000 children on the field to sing along, let the artist sing 3 or 4 shorter songs, and start the second half before it’s been so long that no one can remember the half-time score.

Giddy-Up.  103.5 million Americans watched Super Bowl XLIV on TV.  This is the largest viewing of any scheduled TV Broadcast in history, passing the last episode of M*A*S*H by 500,000 people. 

 I would agree that the large snowstorm in the eastern seaboard might have helped the viewing numbers, but I think it has more to do with professional football’s popularity.

Whoa.  The NFL spent some valuable time this week on two important topics;  Who owns the trade mark on “Who Dat” and the new

At least someone will be paid. The owners just gave Goodell a contract extension this week.

 design for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Really?  Is it important to the NFL that people are printing WHO DAT on tee-shirts?   Is it important to the NFL that the Lombardi Trophy has a model of the host stadium incorporated into the trophy? (Funny how this comes up the year before the Super Bowl is to be played in Jerry Jones’ new Cowboy Stadium)

The NFL should spend every waking moment between now and the begining of next year putting together a new Labor Agreement with the players!  The NFL cannot….Cannot….CANNOT…. start next year with this still up-in-the-air.  

There is already talk of teams prepairing for a work stopage in 2011 by adjusting plans with their personel, both players and coaches.

Professional football has passed professional baseball as the national game.  The NFL would be well served if they locked the Commissioner, the Owners, and the Players Representatives into a room and not let them out until they hammer out an agreement this summer.  Waiting until the season starts, or worse, waiting for the season to end next year would be bad for the game.

The NFL will have a lot more problems than who used the term “Who Dat” on a shirt if the players strike in 2011.  It doesn’t matter if the stadium is on the Lombardi Trophy if there isn’t a Super Bowl.



  1. Whoa. . .this is a lot to take in for one post.

    The Super Bowl was awesome because of the two teams and the classy two quarterbacks. Geaux Saints! The half time show should go to Beyonce because she is amazing and will certainly ensure no wardrobe malfunction. Agreed, NFL needs to get over themselves.

    Speaking of getting over themselves. . the NFL should have never tried to take the Who Dat slogan. . .please.

    Ei-ei-eye! Stop football? That will make some people a little angry, uh. I guess they better get on it.

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