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This blog is an assignment for my journalism class. I had to create a blog and tell 15 people about it, including five individuals who had my “Dream Job”. Thanks for looking around, feel free to comment. This is basically a blog that is dedicated to sports, with a slight focus in UK sports. (Hey, I am in Lexington!) Thanks again!

Note: to comment you have to leave your email address. As far as I know, you will not be emailed by wordpress, but you have to do this to make sure you’re not a computer or bot. Thanks!



  1. Great blog Nate. One comment: Before the Miami game, DeAndre Liggins was actually shooting the three fairly well.

  2. Liggins was shooting well, but he is not a good shooter by any means at this point in his career. UK will be better if he can knock down the occasional open shot, but he is not a good enough shooter to have more than three or four three-point attempts a game.

  3. Nate,
    As RubeZing’s “Favorite” Sister, also a kindred spirit to any and all who have ever played football (one of the two reasons I would have wanted to be a man – oh, to be able to blitz through the line and take out the QB…what a dream! The other reason will have to wait for another time.), I, too have a love for all that is college football and basketball. I understand you’re looking for a Wonder Woman for your team…and, being a team player…I’ll take one for the team and offer to be Wonder Woman! Thanks for getting to Bro, encouraging him to put his thoughts into text and share with your readers. My husband and I will check out the chatter from time to time…and, for the record…I think the title of the blog – domiNATE – cleaver!

    And, also for the record – I’m RubeZing’s ONLY sister!

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