Posted by: Nate Fain | February 25, 2010

Hasheem Thabeet sent to D-League

It’s been reported by Marc Stein of ESPN that the Grizzlies will send Hasheem Thabeet down to the National Basketball Development League.

The 7’3″ center is now the highest draftee sent to the D-League. He was drafted at No.2 above these guys: Tyreke Evans, Johnny Flynn, Stephen Curry, DeMar Derozan and Brandon Jennings, just to name a few.

Nice pick, Grizz.

The Grizzlies acknowledged that Thabeet was a project when they selected him.

It took some sorting, but I finally found a photo of Thabeet playing in a Memphis jersey.

In other news: the Pope is Catholic.

I’ve been saying Thabeet was soft and overrated since he came to UConn.

Being over seven feet tall is a HUGE advantage in the college ranks. However, the NBA is a man’s game. The best ATHLETES in the world compete every night on the court. Yes, most of them are the tallest, but only the athletic ones are successful.

The game has changed. Seven footers have to have a jumper and be able to run up and down the floor now. Thabeet has nothing that sticks out besides his height.

For those still defending the Grizz for this pick, I ask why?! Why not draft a high-profile PG with your lotto pick?

Please, don’t give the Mike Conley Jr. excuse…

A couple of those guys are and will be better NBA players than Conley Jr. Also, who is the Grizz’s backup point guard right now? Marcus Williams???

Do I feel bad for the guy? No…he made millions of dollars for being taller than everyone else. How hard is it to average about 13 points and 10 rebounds in your junior year of college when you’re at least four or five inches taller than everyone else?

Congrats to Thabeet for getting his pay day.

This was a bonehead move to draft Thabeet. End of story.

Heads up, Roy Hibbert! You’re the next bust!


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